The truth about 1×12 Sram XX1 Eagle Drivetrain. SickBiker Review.

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  1. Timm says:

    I do drive the XXO version of the eagle on my yeti sb6c….a great drive train and much better than any 2- or 3-way one….i have 8 bikes with …still 2 of them have a 2-way drive train…specialized stumpi…i think 2-way is a done deal…at least in the enduro and downhill area….a person who never tested the eagle is not able to compare a 2-way system with a 1-way one….i had this experiences and was totaly suprised about the 1/11 and the 1/12…….about noise….so i do have the issue that my eagle is pretty noisy in hard and steem uphill situations…this could be related to the carbon fiber material of the yeti frame and the long cage of the eagle…..but thats all i do have to complain about….i am going to get the gx version of the eagle in 2 weeks…for my orange alpine 160…i will then compare the noise spectrum of both bikes with each other…….i think 2-way is a dead body and shimano will get big issues to keep track with sram…also from the quality of the drive trains…i had much more issues with shimano than i ever had with any sram drive train…take care guys

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